Lifting magnets

Why buy TATE's lifting magnets?

  • TATE Industrial Sales has been selling permanent lifting magnets for over 50 years across Canada. Please call one of our experts to help you choose the correct magnet for your application 1-800-265-3814
  • TATE lifting magnets are safe, quick and economical for any metalworking company
  • We have our lifting magnets in many machine shops, tool & die, mould making, steel fabricating plants across Canada
  • TATE lifting magnets will not drop loads due to power failure, they will give you years of trouble free service
  • TATE lifting magnets will lift both flat and round steel bars
  • TATE lifting magnets are designed with a 3:1 safety factor
  • TATE lifting magnets are NOT to be used on thin plate or sheet metal
Heavy-Duty Lifting-Magnet


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy-to-use
  • Great for use on round stock
  • Various lift capacities available (220-4400lb)
  • Steel Lifting-Magnet
  • Lifting-Magnet
CAPCITY (lb) 220 600 1320 2200 4400
PRICE ($) 350.00 530.00 730.00 1,230.00 2,500.00
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